Wedding photographer in Italy

Wedding photographers in Italy

Duet Friday


We are Alex &Maria. Wedding photographers in Italy - Duet Friday. Husband and wife in love with each other and in beautiful, artistic photographs. We are two wedding photographers with the same experience at weddings for more than 7 years.


Our photos was published by ELLE, Wedding Magazine, Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge

We are working in Italy. We know the most beautiful locations for shootings.

And we work with the best wedding vendors in Italy.


We has experience shooting weddings in Italy, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Russia. 

We travel a lot and love to get a new positive experience. Therefore, we will come to your wedding anywhere in Europe and the world! Just write to us in the form below.


Fine art wedding photography


The photographer, as well as the artist, in his works reflects his inner world.

We love taking pictures on film camera. Almost all the photos that you see on this site are film pictures.


Film is magic. None of the most expensive digital cameras will give such a magical color and scope as film.

Film is a challenge and the ability to feel the moment without the ability to rewrite, edit - that’s it, the magic of the film.

We have been working with film for 5 years, we know many secrets and can guarantee you an excellent result.



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